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Conversations with God

Review by Shazneen Gazdar Pathak

Conversations with God   (CwG Series)
By Neale Donald Walsh

There are nine books in the Conversations with God series and each of these books is transcript of dialogue between 2 beings, Walsch and God.
The first 3 books are often called as CwG trilogy.

BOOK1 ( 1995 )

During the low period in his life Neale Donald decided to write a letter to God asking why his life was such a disorder. He was venting his frustrations and was not expecting any response. But to his surprise his hand started writing the answers down, the thoughts which were not his but God's.

The book, brings about multifaceted paradoxes which make sense, logic which is insightful and truth which is beyond belief, surprising amazing whatever you want to call it

The basic laws which the book states are:
ü  You can do and have whatever you can imagine.
ü  You attract what you fear.
ü  God describes himself without any needs, but only desires.

BOOK 2 ( 1997 )

In this book, Neale deals into more specifics and social implications of awareness of God in oneself and their lives. It mentions certain issues of the previous volume, which the author (Neale Walsch) is unclear and has not understood.

In the book God wants to address certain issues concerning our world and hence there are very few questions asked by the author.

BOOK 3 (1998)

This is the last and final volume of the Conversation with God and in this God good speaks about the universal as well as personal issues. It’s again written in the question answer form, but the material is useful for the mankind.

Interestingly God mentions our civilization to be one of the least developed ones, and it’s on the evolution stage. According to the book we are still on the awareness level, which is a bit difficult to accept.

Neale has presented the revelations by God, in a way as if God is giving us the solutions of our problems and as if the author is a mere medium / messenger through which answers come.

The other spiritual books which deal with the aspects of life and it might appeal to our intellect but are not useful in daily life, the CwG books are different. It deals with the small issues in the day to day life which we are not able to resolve and manage, which ultimately accumulates making the life miserable.

The books definitely would bring in a change in the living and might give insight which might help improve the quality of life.

All the books are strongly recommended for everyone, believers and non-believers, men and women, young and old, as it offers a new understanding to the age old question

Who am I and what is the purpose of my life?

About the Reviewer

Shazneen, a busy homemaker these days, absolutely treasures the time spent with her wonderful husband and 6 year old son. Yoga, green tea and quality time with family are top priority on any given day and she feels blessed to have been able to achieve what she did in her professional and family life. Reading and writing are hobbies she likes to pursue in her spare time. 

Her writings on capture the enthusiasm to self challenge and rediscover hidden traits.

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