Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bringing up kids without tearing them down

Bringing up kids without tearing them down 
Leman, Kevin. 

Review by Monika Singhi Celly

The author offers practical advice on raising children in a way that won't hurt their self esteem, starting with ``A-B-C's'' of self-worth (acceptance, belonging, confidence). Backed by real life examples, this book is a step by step guide to inculcate discipline, family values & love in children. Almost all the examples sounds familiar because we see them everywhere around. Each example is concluded with a solution which seems practical. The book also sounds real because the author shares his own experience as a father. Dr Levin has strongly advocated ’Reality Discipline' where the nature of action will determine the teaching tools to be used.

The last two sections of each chapter `Words To Remember'' and ``Actions To Try'' are good for future reference. The final section of the book is written in a question-and-answer format, based according to the child's age. Overall, a good book for parents.

About the Reviewer

Monika Singhi Celly is a counselor and teacher by occupation. Also a mother to an extremely engaging 3 year old who loves to chatter non-stop, Monika tries her best to put aside professional abilities when at home! An avid reader and a passionate cook, she propagates healthy cooking and eating habits through her blog Vegetarian Surprises.

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